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Her Excellency, the Viscountess of Hellenbrone, Lady of Erex of the House of Hohenrov

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Aug 5 '14


A soldier paying respect to the men who died in WWI.

THIS is who I want to see doing these types of events… Not Barbie do little and ken!


Jul 7 '14

Playing with her hair like a child…. again.

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Jul 2 '14

Why does kate insist on behaving like the game is all about her… and why does she insist on being so immature? You don’t see Andy Murray’s girlfriend acting like this!

Jul 2 '14

Kate has secured her place in the nations’ hearts 

No she hasn’t.

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Jun 20 '14


Kate posing for Hello Magazine in 2007 

She stayed for the photo and magazine opportunity… then promptly quit because William took her back. Again she doesn’t know the true meaning of charitable works.

Jun 20 '14

Anonymous asked:

There is a very big difference between a private visit and a "private visit". When Harry went and surprised those kids at the studio; all the pictures we got were from cellphones of people who happen to snap a pic (very low quality). With Kate we get prefect HD pictures taken by a photographer.


Yes, I just think it is an oxymoron to have a private visit with photographers. 


Jun 20 '14
Jun 19 '14


Via @HRHDuchesskate on twitter

How neat is it to see her in such a vintage Kate dress???

If it was so private why were there photographers there?

Nice for the kids that she went there.

May 27 '14
It’s not blaming the victim if it’s over and over again. By now she should know to be prepared for these things.

It’s not blaming the victim if it’s over and over again. By now she should know to be prepared for these things.

May 7 '14

Anonymous asked:

"do you think kate's extreme weight loss is because she now has to wear designer clothes and they mostly make them in a size 0?" She is not reQ to wear designer. If u spend $150,000 in taxpayer money/year on clothes they make what you want in what size you want. KM isn't borrowing runway samples, designers are making custom/bespoke (often unflattering & ugly) outfits for her. Kate Middleton is the size she is because SHE chooses to be that thin, "all part of the plan" in her own words.