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Royalty As I See It

Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Varia Carmen of Finland (House of Wafflonia-Sussexy-Cheesecath)

Her Excellency, the Viscountess of Hellenbrone, Lady of Erex of the House of Hohenrov

My blog is mostly about Royalty and Alexander Skarsgård.... but its turned into a hodgepodge of info about random stuff I like as well. Flag Counter

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Apr 23 '14


Crown Princess Mette-Marit watching her daughter, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, give a speech for her 40th birthday celebrations (x)

This is why I love her 

She’s one of my favorites for sure!

Apr 18 '14
Lovely dress

Lovely dress

Apr 6 '14

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Mar 20 '14

Royal Selfie

They are so cute!

Royal Selfie

They are so cute!

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Mar 16 '14
Mar 9 '14

Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited the Constitution Hall  in Eidsvoll to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

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Mar 9 '14

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Mar 9 '14


1000 outfits for 1000 followers spam 415/1000 

Mar 1 '14

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Feb 20 '14
"[About being criticised] It’s not often I care about what’s being written about me in the public sphere. But what can be challenging is to be taken into the room where it is only the lighter things that count. When it is only about clothes, and shoes, and hair and stuff. I have difficulties relating to that. Because it is so far from who I am. If I’m only associated with that all the time, it becomes tiresome. I have to work to get over it. And I find that complicated. Because I don’t want to be, or am, there as a human."
Crown Princess Mette-Marit (via royalwatcher)