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Royalty As I See It

My blog has turned into basically a hodgepodge of the following: Criminal Minds/MGG, Alexander Skarsgard, Homeland, Royalty,Fashion, Interiors and Nature/Travel. Enjoy!

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Jun 2 '14

Zara Phillips looking lovely!


Zara Phillips looking lovely!

Apr 27 '14


Make Me Choose

Anonymous asked →  Princess Anne or Zara Phillips

Feb 24 '14
"Her birth was the best day of my life so far. Winning is a pretty good feeling for a short period of time. The baby is a great feeling and it just goes on."
Mike Tindall on how the day his daughter was born was the best day of his life (via youcancallmeduchess)

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Feb 16 '14

Coat of Arms of Zara Philips


Coat of Arms of Zara Philips

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Jan 24 '14
"Mike Tindall on Baby Mia: “It’s been fun so far… She’s been very good & the nights haven’t been too bad.”"

@britishroyals (via acrowningglory)

I wonder if William has proposed a trade yet :P

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Jan 17 '14
Dec 1 '13

Zara Phillips spam


Zara Phillips spam

Oct 28 '13
Sep 25 '13


The christening of Zara Phillips on 27 July 1981

Her godparents were: her maternal uncle, Prince Andrew; the Countess of Lichfield; Lady Helen Stewart; Andrew Parker Bowles; and Hugh Thomas.

I love how she squeezes them together in the 3rd gif. :)

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Sep 22 '13



Zara Phillips at the 2013 Boodles Boxing ball showing off her pregnancy curves.

I think the real story here is that she has her hair down