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Royalty As I See It

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Feb 24 '12

Here’s a little scenario. Do you think Harry was hinting at getting married with Chelsy when William made his big announcement. For one thing, he’s older and wanted to get married first. That would explain why Harry was surprised at the engagement. What do you think? By:Rose


I’m not sure, there are several possibility that Harry was making allusion to Chelsy:

They love each other very much and in particular  that she  which is his first love and want to spend all her life. There are rumors (not sure if it’s true) that they said that in the wedding reception Harry told Chelsy “You’re the next”.

To me he always wanted to marry Chelsy (friends say), so my answer would be a possible yes

I did not know that it was reported that he told Chelsy “You’re the next.”… I hope it’s true, I think she would make a fantastic Princess! And I think she and Harry showed the most affection between the royal princess and their girlfriends (at least that I’ve seen).